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Navigating IUPUI as a Jaguar Family Member

Learn what resources are available to your student and how we can support you as part of the JagFam. This will be a moderated discussion with a Q&A session. Questions can be submitted during your registration.

Representatives from the following areas will be present: 

  • Housing and Residence Life 
  • Student Financial Services/Bursar 
  • Immunizations 
  • Meal Plans
  • FERPA/Third-Party Access
  • Parking and Transportation Services
  • CrimsonCard 
  • Orientation Student Member 
  • Parent and Family Programs 

Registration is required for each session. Dates and times listed are in EST.

Jaguar Family Panel

Learn what it’s like to be a Jaguar Family member from current family members. They’ll share their experiences, advice for incoming families, and ways you can support your student throughout their college journey. This will be a moderated discussion. Please submit your questions when you register.

Susan Burleigh

  • Hometown: Martinsville, IN
  • Her son is a computer science major and is currently a senior.

Stephanie Keiner

  • Hometown: Indianapolis, IN
  • Her daughter is a Herron major and is currently a junior.

Sean Picht

  • Hometown: Eden Prairie, MN
  • His son is a motorsports engineering major and is currently a junior.

Registration is required for each session. Dates and times listed are in EST.

Family Orientation Presentation Part 1

A descriptive audio version of this video is also available.

Description of the video:

- Welcome to the IUPUI Jaguar family orientation session. I'd like to congratulate you and your student. We know that the college acceptance is a family affair. My name is Angelica McClean-Johnson. And I serve as the assistant program director for family engagement here at IUPUI. We are so excited to have you join us virtually for this session.
I know from previous years' sessions, there might be several feelings of maybe information overload. Maybe there is a bit of anxiety and emotions, excitement for your student in this big next step for your family. During this session, we are going to talk through some of these questions, take some time to discuss how to be the best supporter of your Jaguar, and share how our office would like to support you in this transition.
We recognize your student is going through a large transition right now, and you are too. Our job in Parent and Family Programs is to give you resources, services, programs, and support in this transition and throughout your student's college career. We define family members however you define it. Whether you are a sibling, maybe an aunt or uncle, parent, friend, or guardian, welcome to the Jaguar family.
In Parent and Family Programs, we see you as an advocate for your student or a co-pilot. We understand that while this is your student's journey, we know that many students are coming to their parents or family members for advice or help, especially during this past year. For this generation, we understand that your student values your input and will continue to lean on you throughout college. We'll dive deeper into what that means for you and ways you can support them.
IUPUI Parent and Family Programs is dedicated to serving as a one-stop shop for parents, families, and supporters of current students. We develop intentional programs, communications, partnerships, and resources that impact student success and connect families to the IUPUI community. We are here to help you. And we'll provide an individualized approach to any situation you and your student might come upon at IUPUI.
We will now break down some of the ways we hope to continue supporting you and your student throughout the next four years. One major difference in this transition are students' rights. All universities must adhere to FERPA, which stands for Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974. This federal act is designed to protect the privacy of college students by limiting access to their student's records.
We realize that in primary and secondary school, parents had full access to students' records, but these rights are transferred exclusively to the student under FERPA laws once the student reaches the age of 18 or attends a school beyond the high school level such as a postsecondary educational institution no matter the age of the student. Once a student enrolls in college, they can determine which types of information parents and other caregivers can access via an official authorization of third-party access via one.iu.edu.
In supporting our students, we must first understand aspects of the transition they are experiencing or about to experience. Support the transition as a new opportunity. Recognize this is a brand new opportunity for your student to learn about themselves, try new things, or make new friends. Yes, new means unknown. And it may feel a bit uncertain to everyone in the family, but that is OK.
Know that this is an adventure, and it's OK not to have all the answers. Keep on supporting your student as you've shown just by being present during orientation. Also, use what you've learned and will continue to learn to encourage your student to seek out answers for themselves.
Allow for adjustment time. There will be challenges and successes in the first year and beyond. Allow this to happen, and be reassured it's part of the growth process. Try not to compare your student's transition time to that of siblings, neighbors, or friends. Each student is a bit different. We will be talking about this a little more in depth in a bit as we talk about what the first year may look like.
Don't assume every university is the same. Please note that IUPUI is a bit different institution than what you've seen in the past. Resources may look different. Curriculums will be different. And what community looks like on campus may also look different. Our office is here as a resource for you. If you're thinking of a resource you've seen elsewhere, and you want to see something similar or see what similar resources IUPUI has, just ask.
There is also a transition from high school in which there are some similarities and differences, one being there's a new environment and friends. This is present whether your student is commuting or living on or near campus. Give support in taking a look at our annual parent and family calendar and knowing what events are around campus that you can suggest to your student. Allow your student to consider healthy relationship transitions, as well as that friendships continue to grow, they transition apart, and also start new.
More freedom-- this is a great time for your student to learn more about themselves and explore new things. There is some anxiety that comes with that for us as family members of a college student, but I would encourage you to hold intentional conversations about how your student plans to activate personal and family values and scenarios of exploring more freedom.
Things will happen, such as missing a deadline or feeling a little bit unprepared for something. Encourage your student to learn from their mistakes and be intentional about their decisions moving forward.
Free time-- what does that mean? And how is it going to be utilized? This is also a great discussion topic to have with your student while they are at home.
Time management-- when we talk to students at the end of their first year of college, this is the number one challenge students list or share. Discuss with your student how they are managing their time. What is their game plan? What is plan B if plan A doesn't work? Consider if your family uses a family calendar, have your student begin shifting their activities into their own responsibility and organizational system. Maybe they're going to be using their phone or a personal calendar or a planner.
Set realistic expectations. Your student might be accustomed to being at the top of their class. However, it is important that your student sets realistic expectations as they enter IUPUI, where many of our students are also at the top of their class. They can still set realistic expectations and self-compassionate benchmarks for themselves as they navigate this new academic environment.
We want you to start this process today. You have already started the process by being present during this family orientation session. We know this positively impacts student success. Some of your student's goals over the summer can include building a budget. We know you are already thinking about the dollar signs from your conversations with financial aid office or browsing their website.
Encourage your student to build a personal budget. Whether you as a family member are contributing to college finances for your student or not, you have a wealth of knowledge and expertise to share. Be open with your financial successes and challenges throughout the years to coach your student to be financially responsible.
Explore the Indianapolis community. Take time to explore Indy as a social place full of resources. Check out events coming up on and off campus. Look at a map and work with your student to find plan A and plan B for their commute, especially if they are living off campus. Indianapolis has so much to offer in terms of internships, food, culture, and much more.
Confirm housing arrangements. This is extremely important whether your student is living on or off campus. Encourage them to call to confirm next steps with their landlord or housing management. If your student is living at home with you, consider what expectations you have of them. That could be rent or added household responsibilities. And communicate those upfront so it's not a surprise at the start of the semester.
Learn about IUPUI resources. Consider what resources your student is currently plugged into. And encourage your student to think about what they want to continue being involved with and if they found a similar resource or involvement at IUPUI to connect with. Ask questions. Looking for something? Reach out to find more. Our office is happy to connect you and your student with the resource they might be needing or wanting.
Transportation logistics-- hold an honest conversation and discussion for transportation needs. Does your student need a parking pass if living on campus? Who is responsible for maintenance of their bike or car and if needed purchasing an Indy bus pass? If commuting, encourage your student to leave for class early in order to navigate traffic congestion and parking.
Communication plan-- discuss communication planning with your student. Do you expect to hear from them daily, weekly, monthly via text, phone call, FaceTime, Snapchat, or face to face? I want to share a story about one mother who had a conversation with her son as he was the first in their family to go to college. Her expectation was not that he call to talk to her but to call to talk to his little brother for at least 20 minutes every Sunday to share about his experiences in college so that his little brother had an idea of college before he went.
Consider how you will get information in a campus emergency, whether that's a storm or some other kind of emergency. I would encourage you and your student to have that discussion together in regards to what kind of communication will occur between you and your student in an emergency situation. Your student can add you and your contact information to IU-Notify if they choose to do so. And continue to have those discussions on that communication piece.

Family Orientation Presentation Part 2

A descriptive audio version of this video is also available.

Description of the video:

- Welcome to the IUPUI Jaguar family orientation session, part two. In this presentation, we will discuss your student's transition more in-depth, the impact of parental and family support, and ways your Jaguar can be successful at IUPUI.
You may be asking, why is there a W on this screen? This is your student's first year of college. As I mentioned earlier, each student's transition timeline is a little different, but based on research your student is likely to experience these aspects of transition within their first year of college.
We'll start at the honeymoon phase. Many are already experiencing this now. There might be this excitement for college, everything is great mentality, pie-in-the-sky kind of feelings, vigor for freedom, or rapid initial connections.
Then we go down to culture shock, typically a few weeks into the semester. It's that initial realization of added responsibilities. There's possibly a return of grades on a first big assignment, or toughening of classes in preparation for first exams. There could be some letdown of some of those initial connections not working out as hoped, some new roommate discussion and conflict, or even questioning of major and career path.
Initial adjustment. This could pop up around Thanksgiving or winter break. There's the excitement to see family and go back to some comforts. Begin to hit a stride for managing responsibilities of the semester that could be roommate agreements, involvement in niche community, come back on assignments as they figure out teaching styles.
Then we hit isolation, another dip that comes for students at the onset of the second semester. Students come back to learn a new semester of classes and faculty members. There's a new schedule and there's a new rhythm. Some of the communities they were naturally in, like classmates, or people that they walk to class with, now takes more effort and time to connect with.
Experience of that winter blues in January and February, when it's cold. There is less happening outside on campus, therefore it's harder to stumble upon involvement opportunities. During this time it is very important for you as a family member to encourage your student to take the extra steps to engage with their friends and in on campus activities, in order to connect and persist through feelings of isolation.
Then we hit the last and final stage of acceptance and integration, following the isolation stage. Truly plugging in with a core friend group and our community of genuine connection, this is going to be those lifelong college friends we all talk about. There's an active involvement in campus wide activities. They are involved in one to two student organizations or campus employment. There's an understanding of personal and academic goals, and a sense of security and plan for their path. There's an adjustment to the campus community and new living pattern or daily routine.
We want you to start this process today. You already have started it by playing an active role through this orientation process, and understanding the ways you can support your Jaguar while at IUPUI. We know that this positively impacts your student's success in so many ways. Our goal meets yours. At the end of your student's college career, when they are at commencement looking at you and saying, thank you for your support in getting me here, that is exactly what we want, and we want to see that.
By choosing IUPUI, your student is joining an exciting academic community. Their instructors and fellow students will challenge them to consider new ideas, and your student will bring their own perspective in their discussions that are so essential to their learning environment.
Before we dive into your student attending class, let's talk about the syllabus briefly. The course syllabus is like a contract and very specific to each class, that tells students critical information about their courses. Including instructor's contact information, office hours, course assignments and due dates, what books will be used, and how to request accommodations. Remind your student to always read and review the syllabus throughout the semester to ensure they didn't miss something, and to always know what is as expected of them.
Encourage your student to do the following-- go to class. Showing up for class is a must, whether it's an in-person or online class. Many instructors track participation in their class, and that potentially could be part of their final grade.
Keeping up with the assignments. The instructors expect for students to keep up with their assignments and/or readings, and to also study regularly. The advice that we have been telling students is to spend two to three hours studying for every hour spent in class. That's close to 30 hours devoted to just studying. The pace and volume of work on the college level is much greater than at the high school level.
Attending or going to office hours. I continuously tell our families how important office hours are, and for students to utilize them, and then also to get to know their instructor. This is a great way to help break the ice between the instructor and the student. And then also for their instructor, will remember that particular student throughout the term. In return, they can utilize this rapport to help with research opportunities and/or potentially a letter of recommendation.
Instructors set office hours weekly as a way for students to meet with them. Right now, most office hours are held virtually. Office hour days and times are included in the syllabus, and students may also schedule an appointment to meet virtually with their instructor. Students can ask questions about the course material, maybe the course format and organization, questions about homework and/or other assignments.
Understanding academic integrity. Academic integrity is of the utmost importance here at IUPUI. Students are members of the IUPUI community, and we are committed to the highest ideals of scholarship, and have no tolerance for academic dishonesty. If your student has any questions or concerns, we encourage them to connect with their instructors regarding expectations for the classes. IUPUI has a variety of free departmental resources accessible for all students, including tutoring and writing services.
Prioritizing school. College is not easy, and your student will experience their own obstacles throughout the next four years. They have to put forth the effort and the work in order to get the results that they are wanting, which requires our Jaguars to see being a student as a full-time career. Your student's focus should be on building good academic habits, social skills, and balancing their priorities. This is the perfect time to start discussing what skills they need to develop now and going into the next four years.

Family Orientation Presentation Part 3

A descriptive audio version of this video is also available.

Description of the video:

- Welcome to the IUPUI Jaguar Family Orientation Session Part 3. In this presentation, we will discuss what services, resources, and programs Parent and Family Programs offers throughout the year, and ways we can support you and your student to that success of graduation.
We have a Jaguar Family Association as a way for all of our families to get and stay involved with IUPUI, each other, and their students. Joining the Jaguar Family Association will enable you to receive newsletters throughout the year, which will provide information from around campus. You can also receive special family event invitations, university policy updates and resources, as well as a way to stay connected with the IUPUI community. You can sign up on our website, families.IUPUI.edu, under the Stay Connected tab. Stay informed, up-to-date, and in-the-know about your Jaguar community.
Encourage your student to get connected with other peers during the first two weeks of both the fall and spring semesters with a wide variety of events known as Weeks of Welcome, or WOW. Your student will have the opportunity to connect with IUPUI faculty, staff, and peers; interact with other student organizations at the involvement expo; study abroad fair; enjoy an outdoor movie on our inflatable screen; and even have a bowl of ice cream scooped by the chancellor and other leadership members between classes.
We would also like to share ways that we can help you transition with your student through the next four years. As your student goes through college, there will be times where they need assistance from IUPUI to navigate various situations. To help you better assist your student in finding the resources they need, we have provided a Stay Connected and Important Links tab on the Parent and Families website.
If you are unsure of who to contact or what resources your student needs, you can always feel free to contact our Parent and Family Programs Office, as well. In addition to helping you find campus resources, our Parent and Family Programs website is full of other resources to help you better understand how to support your student. You will see information at the top of the page with various programs, events offered by our office, along with ways to get involved.
Every year, Parent and Family Programs produces an annual calendar. This was produced specifically for you as family members of IUPUI students. It contains helpful information to get you through your student's first year and let you know what is going on during each month of the year on campus. On each inside page of the calendar, there are two sections of information to help you support your student that month. There is a section on top with different ways to keep making connections between you and your student. That can be anything from events you can attend on campus, to sending your student a care package, or talking to your student about upcoming deadlines.
Each month, we have provided a few questions to ask your student to get conversation flowing about their experience at IUPUI and how things are going for them. Each month of the calendar includes athletic events, student organization reminders, programs from various offices on campus, and family events so that you can always stay up-to-date on what is happening on campus.
We offer two resources on Facebook specifically for our parents, families, and supporters of IUPUI students. Our IUPUI Jaguar Families group is a closed group for only parents, families, and supporters of IUPUI students. This is a great tool to use to communicate with other parents or families of current Jaguars, along with receiving updates on information posted within the group by our campus partners.
Our IUPUI Jaguar Family Association page is a public page solely to provide information to those who like our page about programs and events on campus, university changes or updates, and timely reminders regarding deadlines, final exams, and much more. This is a great tool to use to stay up-to-date with while your Jaguar is at IUPUI.
Concludes our Family Orientation Session. We have provided our contact information here on this slide. As always, if any questions, please feel free to reach out to us either via email, social media, or leave a voicemail for us and we'll get back to you the following business day. We appreciate you being a part of your student's orientation journey. And remember Parent and Family Programs is here to support you during your journey as a Jaguar family member, as well.

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