Frequently Asked Questions about Orientation at IUPUI

  • How can I find more information about scholarships?

    The Office of Student Scholarships has a large number of scholarships to offer freshmen, continuing, and transfer students. The office is also a good resource when you are trying to check the status of any of your scholarships that may be pending.

  • As an international student, which orientation do I attend?

    If you are an international student who is already in the United States by July 28, 2017, you can make a reservation for academic orientation. If you will be arriving after that date, then you will need to schedule an orientation during the week of the New International Student Orientation Program on August 16, 2017.

  • What placement test(s) will I need to take, and can I make a reservation to take it?

    As you make your reservation for orientation at welcome.iupui.edu, you will be instructed to complete placement tests online. It is critical that you have created your university technology account at http://itaccounts.iu.edu to ensure your scores are posted to your student record. All placement tests must be completed prior to orientation to avoid registration complications.

  • How do I transfer my financial aid?

    To transfer your financial aid to IUPUI, you will need to add IUPUI to your FAFSA application for the school year in which you plan to attend IUPUI. For more information, you can contact the IUPUI Office of Student Financial Services at finaid@iupui.edu.

  • How do I change my major and will this change my orientation date?

    Before you reserve your orientation, you will have the opportunity to confirm or to change your intended major. The reservation will then only offer you dates when an advisor for your major is available.

    If you change your major after reserving an orientation, you are able to go back into the reservation system and change your major. Please be aware that this may change the date you will attend orientation. The system will only offer you dates that your new major is served.

  • As a transfer student, do I need to attend an orientation?

    Although you are transferring to IUPUI with previous college experience, perhaps even from another IU campus, it is still necessary to go to orientation to tie up all the loose ends of beginning at a new campus. For this reason, the Transfer Orientation program was developed for students who have completed 18 or more credit hours at another university. Students with less than 18 credit hours must attend the New Student Orientation.

    As a transfer student, you will need to send your transcripts to the admissions office. You can check to see if they have been received by IUPUI on your unofficial transcript at one.iu.edu.

  • What if I or a guest of mine needs special assistance (mobility or language interpretation)?

    If you or a family member need assistance with mobility or language interpretation, please specify this as you reserve your orientation. We will do our best to make the services available to you when you arrive.

  • What is the new student fee, and how do I pay for it?

    The new student fee is a onetime payment of $110 that will be charged to your tuition bill. The new student fee is a mandatory fee for all students beginning their first degree-seeking semester. The fee will be paid off as you make payments to your bursar account. This fee is subject to change.

  • Do I need to set up an email account?

    As an IUPUI applicant, you set up an email account to access your application. After being accepted as a student into IUPUI, you will need to set up a new username and passphrase at the following website: http://itaccounts.iu.edu.

  • Am I penalized for canceling an orientation session?

    There is no monetary penalty for canceling your orientation. However, doing so ahead of time is recommended to open up your spot for other students, as well as to provide you the best opportunity to reschedule another orientation.