Placement Testing

Chemistry Placement Examination

The Chemistry Placement Examination (CPE) is an assessment to evaluate your readiness for college-level chemistry courses. All students who have not completed and received a grade of C– or better in a college-level chemistry course are required to take the CPE prior to enrolling in CHEM-C 105. 

The CPE is an open-book, 45-minute online tool to evaluate readiness to begin the main science major sequence, CHEM-C 105–106. You cannot receive assistance from any person during the examination to ensure accuracy of the placement process. The exam can be taken on any computer with reliable Internet access, but mobile devices or pads are not suitable for testing. You must have a valid IU username, and you will only be allowed one attempt at the examination.

To enroll in and to complete the Chemistry Placement Exam, click here. In this process, if you are asked for an access code, you should enter "chem4182" in the box. This access code will be valid through January 13, 2018. Click on the Enroll in Course button. You should also click on Announcement to see if there are any specific updates or news relating to the placement process.

Your score will be provided to you at the conclusion of the exam. This data will be uploaded to your IUPUI placement score record and will become available to advisors who can assist as needed in determining the appropriate chemistry class. Be sure to log off at the completion of the exam.