Transfer Students

Part 1: Jaguar Launch Transfer Module

The first step in your Transition Orientation Experience is the Jaguar Launch Transfer Module, during which you’ll prepare for your first academic advising appointment. This is an online module that will guide you through reading your Transfer Credit Report, resolving issues with undistributed credit, and finding advising resources.

You will begin Jaguar Launch immediately after reserving your orientation date. All students must complete the module before attending orientation. 

Part 2: Transition Orientation

After you’ve completed the Jaguar Launch Transfer Module, you’ll attend a daylong Transition Orientation Program on the IUPUI campus. Designed to meet the unique needs of transfer students, the Transition Orientation Program includes a campus resource fair, a presentation from your academic unit, and sessions on topics such as information technology resources and health and wellness support.

Part 3: Orientation Advising Appointment

After you’ve completed your Jaguar Launch Transfer Module and attended a Transition Orientation Program, you’ll meet with your academic advisor during a one-on-one advising appointment to discuss your transfer credits and register for your first semester of classes.