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If you’ve been on campus, you may already remember some of these beautiful views. If you’re new to IUPUI, we wanted you to have the opportunity to visit our campus from the comfort of your own home.

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[Video: A 360-degree view of the Indianapolis Soldiers and Sailors Monument appears. The sun is shining and cars are driving around the circle.]

Narrator: In Indianapolis lives a group of extraordinary students, among the most talented in Indiana.

[Video: A 360-degree view of Ball Residence Hall appears. The grass is green and there are flowers planted outside.]

Narrator: They are Jaguars and this is where they roam.

[Video: A 360-degree view of the Indianapolis canal appears. The sun is shining brightly.]

Narrator: But what do we actually know of their habitat? Let us take a step into their world.

[Video: A 360-degree view of a residence hall appears. A male student is sitting at his desk and typing on his computer.]

Narrator: Jags can be found in the residence halls located on the IUPUI campus in Indianapolis, Indiana. Here in University Tower, the Jaguars prepare for a day of classes, club meetings, and exploring the city.

[Video: A 360-degree view of a laundry room appears. The washing machines and dryers are moving. A few students work on their computers as they wait for their laundry to get done.]

Narrator: Now before they can conquer the day, the Jag must first conquer their laundry. For years they relied on their parents for this task, now it is up to them.

[Video: A 360-degree video of students in the game room appears. Some students play a game of pool while others play ping pong.]

Narrator: It is not all work for the Jaguar. Here you can see students unwind with a game of pool or a rather aggressive game of ping pong. When a match is finally won, it is truly a remarkable achievement.

[Video: A 360-degree video of the Campus Center appears. A student walks into the building with their backpack on.]

Narrator: When the Jaguars must finally venture outside the comfort of the residence hall, they often gravitate toward the Campus Center. It’s here the students can grab their third cup of coffee for the day, a bit of sustenance, or a book from the bookstore.

[Video: A 360-degree video of inside the Campus Center appears. Students are riding up and down the escalators with backpacks and computers.]

Narrator: That’s not all the facility has in store for the Jaguar. From the forensic club to the equestrian team, like-minded Jags from across the campus congregate at the student org office on the third floor to learn about the nearly 500 student organizations on campus.

[Video: A 360-degree video of the fourth floor of the Campus Center is shown. A male student does homework from his computer while sitting on a nearby couch.]

Narrator: The Campus Center is not only a place for socialization, but also a place for solace. Looking for a quiet place to study, a resourceful Jaguar can take advantage of one of the many nooks and crannies perfect for a quick study session. Now what about those who have more energy to burn?

[Video: A 360-degree video of the gym is shown. A few students can be seen working out on the equipment.]

Narrator: For active Jags, a quick trip to the lower level will take them to 10,000 square feet of workout space, the perfect place to roam.

[Video: A 360-degree video of the skywalk is shown. The sun is shining on the trees. A male student walks through on his way to class.]

Narrator: Adjusting to the Indianapolis climate can be a challenge. The winters can be cold and the summers a tad hot. The Jaguars move around campus through these skywalks, safe and cocooned away from the elements.

[Video: A 360-degree video of Wood Fountain is shown. The water is flowing off of the fountain. A group of students are standing in front of the fountain taking pictures. Around the fountain, students sit at tables and enjoy the nice weather.]

Narrator: On a beautiful day such as today, you can often find the Jags out in the wild. With the birds singing and the sun shining, the carefree students recline out on the lawn for a quick study break.

[Video: A 360-degree video of the library is shown. Students are seen sitting at the desks working on homework and studying. Another student walks through the bookshelves to find a book.]

Narrator: Quiet now. If the exterior conditions aren't as hospitable, you can find the Jags studying in the library. It may take hours but it is only through these measures that a Jaguar can truly prepare for a looming examination.

[Video: A 360-degree video of another side of the library is shown. Students are seen sitting at large tables working on homework from their computers.]

Narrator: This great building is a lifeline for the Jaguars. University Library provides vital resources needed for their academic survival. It’s within these halls that students find the materials they need to ace their coursework.

[Video: A 360-degree video of a tunnel that leads from the library to the business building is shown]

Narrator: It is at this intersection that worlds collide. Students leaving the library and those heading to class cross paths at this very spot.

[Video: A 360-degree video of inside a classroom is shown. A professor is standing at the front of the classroom teaching. Students sit, listen and take notes.]

Narrator: If you look closely, you can catch a glimpse inside a lecture hall. As you can see, the Jaguars are right at home in the classroom. We’ve caught them right in the middle of their studies.

[Video: A 360-degree video inside a laboratory is shown. A student is working on a project. The scene changes to a different laboratory where multiple students are working on equipment.]

Narrator: It is not unlikely to encounter the Jaguar in a setting quite different from the lecture hall with nearly 100 research centers on campus, the student never has to travel far for a hands-on learning experience.

[Video: A sunny view of the Indianapolis canal is shown. People are seen walking and running alongside the canal.]

Narrator: With the day finally drawing to a close, Jaguars are free to roam the city. But deciding what to do first may prove to be a difficult choice.

[Video: A 360-degree video of behind the library is shown. Students are seen walking to and from class with backpacks. One male student is sitting at a table outside doing homework from his computer.]

Narrator: There is much to learn about the Jaguar. But what we do know is that they’re among the most passionate and dedicated of students. If you ever travel to the heart of Indianapolis, take a moment to explore and experience their unique habitat.

[Video: The IUPUI logo appears on screen.]