Orientation Programs

Welcome to IUPUI

Welcome, and congratulations on your acceptance to IUPUI! We're so glad you're here.

Student orientation is designed to help you transition to the IUPUI community. Orientation has four different parts to help you maximize your success at IUPUI:

  • Launch. Complete these online modules known as Jaguar Launch on your own time.
  • Live. Attend Orientation Live!, a virtual session for you to learn about IUPUI and to get your questions answered.
  • Advise. This is where you'll talk about the classes you need to take and register for your first set of classes.
  • Explore. This is an optional, but highly encouraged, event that will give you the opportunity to visit campus and interact with other students and campus offices.

Use the links above to skip to each part. We recommend reading through all parts before taking action on each part.

Things to know as you navigate orientation

There are a few items to take care of between now and the start of your first semester at IUPUI.

New freshman have you processed your enrollment deposit? That needs to be done before you can make a reservation. Process your deposit at the Office of Undergraduate Admissions.

To create your permanent technology account, you will need to visit One.IU and select Create My First IU Computing Accounts. Follow the steps listed on the screen. *Please note that if you created an IUPUI log-in to track your admission status, you will need to log in to One.IU and select Manage My IU Computing Accounts. Follow the steps listed on the screen. Click Create More Accounts or Manage Your Email and follow the steps on the screen.

Placement tests assess your knowledge. They're important because they ensure that you begin your IUPUI coursework in the right classes. Nearly all new students at IUPUI (freshmen and transfer) take one or more placement tests. All tests are completed online, so you don't need to schedule anything or go anywhere to complete them.

Know which tests to take

The placement tests you have to take depend on a variety of factors, such as your major, your high school coursework, and other test scores. Complete this survey to determine which tests to take.

Determine your placement tests

Taking the tests

Information about accessing and taking all IUPUI placement tests is hosted by the IUPUI Testing Center. Use the link below to visit their website and begin your tests.

Access the placement tests

Still have questions? Contact us by calling (317) 274-4240 or email welcome@iupui.edu, and we can help you.

Indiana state law requires IUPUI students to provide proof of their immunization status. While this requirement does not impact your ability to enroll in your first semester, you will not be allowed to register for subsequent semesters until you are compliant with the IU immunization requirements.

Learn more about immunization compliance at IU

Your CrimsonCard (CrimsonCard all one word) is your university student ID card. Upload your CrimsonCard photo and documentation verifying identity today, and receive your CrimsonCard in mail.

Submit your photo

A nonrefundable new student fee, set by the Indiana University Board of Trustees, covers costs of services and programs throughout your first year. This fee will be assessed on your first IUPUI tuition bill.

New student fee: $150.00 USD

Orientation: Launch. Live. Advise. Explore.

Check out the four parts of orientation below. Read through all parts first to make sure you understand the orientation experience, then go through and do each part.

Having trouble? We're here to help. Contact us.

Part 1: Launch

Launch, or Jaguar Launch, is your first step to transition to IUPUI. Jaguar Launch is a series of online, interactive modules that provide the information you need to succeed at IUPUI.

From preparing for your academics at IUPUI to taking advantage of support services, learning the technology you need to get involved in student life and understand campus policies, Jaguar Launch is the foundation for your transition.

Note: Complete Jaguar Launch in between reserving Orientation Live! and actually attending the session.

When you begin Jaguar Launch, you will be asked to log in; click Student and enter your IUPUI credentials. Your work will be saved where you left off, should you need to complete it in more than one sitting.

Begin Jaguar Launch

Part 2: Live

Orientation Live! is a virtual session you'll attend after completing Jaguar Launch. This virtual session introduces you to campus life, helps you meet other beginning IUPUI students, and connects you with a current IUPUI undergraduate student. 

Navigate a specific campus introduction and learn about your degree-granting school. At the end of Orientation Live!, you will schedule an appointment with your academic advisor to plan your courses for the upcoming semester. 

Reserve Orientation Live! as soon as possible so you'll have the widest selection of dates to fit your schedule. Make sure to leave enough time between to complete Jaguar Launch before attending your session!

Reserve Orientation Live!

Reservations are open for winter orientation.

During Orientation Live!, you get to meet and work with current undergraduate leaders known as OTEAM. Check out this message from our OTEAM leaders. Find a descriptive audio version of this video.

Description of the video:

00:00:00,000 --> 00:00:02,940

00:00:02,940 --> 00:00:04,410
Oh, hey, hi.

00:00:04,410 --> 00:00:07,350

00:00:07,350 --> 00:00:07,850

00:00:07,850 --> 00:00:10,010
OTEAM is a group of
diverse individuals

00:00:10,010 --> 00:00:13,580
whose goal is to make you
feel comfortable at IUPUI

00:00:13,580 --> 00:00:16,580
and have a smooth, great
transition into college.

00:00:16,580 --> 00:00:18,020
Our goal for OTEAM
is to make sure

00:00:18,020 --> 00:00:19,910
that every new student
feels empowered

00:00:19,910 --> 00:00:21,750
their first semester at IUPUI.

00:00:21,750 --> 00:00:23,690
They're mentoring
and orientation

00:00:23,690 --> 00:00:26,300
for incoming freshmen
and transfer students.

00:00:26,300 --> 00:00:29,050
Our goal for new
incoming students

00:00:29,050 --> 00:00:31,490
is to help you build
a home away from home.

00:00:31,490 --> 00:00:34,934

00:00:34,934 --> 00:00:39,860

00:00:39,860 --> 00:00:43,520
I became an OTEAM leader because
my freshman year would not

00:00:43,520 --> 00:00:47,600
have been as amazing as it was
without the members of OTEAM

00:00:47,600 --> 00:00:49,640
who I met as an
incoming student.

00:00:49,640 --> 00:00:53,750
For me, I joined team to inspire
new students just as I was

00:00:53,750 --> 00:00:55,910
inspired by my OTEAM leaders.

00:00:55,910 --> 00:01:01,110
I was really empowered by the
work that the OTEAM leaders

00:01:01,110 --> 00:01:04,849
that I had my first
semester here at IUPUI.

00:01:04,849 --> 00:01:07,610
I really wanted to be just
like them, because they

00:01:07,610 --> 00:01:08,600
were helping students.

00:01:08,600 --> 00:01:10,850
I personally wanted
to be a OTEAM member

00:01:10,850 --> 00:01:13,010
because I had a difficult
time understanding

00:01:13,010 --> 00:01:15,800
everything because I
am a first generation.

00:01:15,800 --> 00:01:18,140
The OTEAM members helped
me a lot with figuring out

00:01:18,140 --> 00:01:21,650
what to do, where to do it, and
to show me how campus worked.

00:01:21,650 --> 00:01:24,849

00:01:24,849 --> 00:01:26,220

00:01:26,220 --> 00:01:28,500
I know what it's like
to be a new student.

00:01:28,500 --> 00:01:30,720
And I know the importance
of a friendly face.

00:01:30,720 --> 00:01:32,880
I want to be that
person for you guys

00:01:32,880 --> 00:01:35,070
to make you feel
comfortable and prepared

00:01:35,070 --> 00:01:36,270
for your first semester.

00:01:36,270 --> 00:01:38,670
No matter where you come
from, what your race is,

00:01:38,670 --> 00:01:41,130
your sexual orientation,
it doesn't matter.

00:01:41,130 --> 00:01:44,247
You are a person, and you are
welcome at IUPUI at all times.

00:01:44,247 --> 00:01:46,080
I want to help students
realize that they're

00:01:46,080 --> 00:01:47,760
more than just learners.

00:01:47,760 --> 00:01:51,300
They're thinkers,
doers, and achievers.

00:01:51,300 --> 00:01:54,870
I am super excited that
you guys chose IUPUI,

00:01:54,870 --> 00:01:56,670
and I can't wait
to work with you.

00:01:56,670 --> 00:01:57,960
And we hope to see you soon.

00:01:57,960 --> 00:01:58,880
See you soon.

00:01:58,880 --> 00:01:59,460
See you.

00:01:59,460 --> 00:02:00,120
See you soon.

00:02:00,120 --> 00:02:00,620

00:02:00,620 --> 00:02:01,652
See you soon, everyone.

00:02:01,652 --> 00:02:04,112

00:02:04,112 --> 00:02:05,096
See you soon.

00:02:05,096 --> 00:02:06,080
Go Jags.

00:02:06,080 --> 00:02:08,052
See you soon.

00:02:08,052 --> 00:02:10,010
I wish you all the best,
and I'll see you soon.

00:02:10,010 --> 00:02:13,060

Part 3: Advise

You'll schedule this academic advising appointment at the end of Orientation Live!, so make sure to attend an early live session to allow enough time to schedule your advising appointment.

In this appointment, you will meet with an academic advisor who's an expert in your major field, and you will learn about your degree requirements. You and your advisor will plan your courses for the upcoming semester, and you will then be given directions on how to register for these courses.

Part 4: Explore

Explore the Roar is an opportunity for you to come to campus in January prior to the start of the spring semester. This open house type event allows you to navigate your way around campus, visit with campus offices and academic schools, engage with current students, and learn about clubs and organizations that you can be involved in as soon as the semester starts.