1. Get started

Everything you need to start virtual orientation

First things first, you’re officially a Jaguar, and we want to introduce you to the rest of the IUPUI community.

  • Step one: Sign up for your live virtual Student Success Session, where you'll learn about life at IUPUI.
  • Step two: Complete Jaguar Launch, a set of modules created to help you understand all the resources IUPUI has to offer you.
  • Step three: Take your placement tests to ensure that you're prepared for class registration.

Step one: Reserve your spot in a Student Success Session

College is a time to make connections, meet new people, and explore your interests. We also realize it can be overwhelming, packed with new information and new processes. Our goal is to give you the tools you need to uncover and achieve your goals in college and beyond.

The Student Success Session is a live session aimed at setting you up for academic success. In this session, you’ll learn the ins and outs of being a Jaguar including how to get your books, your student ID, and more!

Once you reserve your live session, you can continue to the next step. Three days before the date of your session, you’ll receive an email from welcome@iupui.edu in your IUPUI email address with directions on how to access the virtual meeting room powered by Zoom. Be prepared for this session to last two hours.

  • Estimated time to register: 5–10 minutes
  • Estimated time for Student Success Session: 2 hours
Reserve your spot

Step two: Complete Jaguar Launch

Now that you’ve made your Student Success Session reservation, it’s time to begin Jaguar Launch, a series of modules designed to prepare you for your first semester at IUPUI. In these modules, you’ll learn what to expect from your academic advising appointment, details about the various resources available to IUPUI students, like the Speakers Lab and Math Assistance Center (MAC), and more.

Don’t worry, you won’t sign up for your academic advising appointment just yet, but now is the time to begin thinking about your academic interests and the courses you’d like to take this fall.

When you begin Jaguar Launch, you may be asked to login; click “Student” and enter your IUPUI credentials. Your work will be saved where you left off, should you need to complete it in more than one sitting.

Estimated time: 30 minutes

Start Jaguar Launch
A student studies at their computer.

Step three: Complete your placement tests

Placement tests are important because they ensure you begin your IUPUI coursework in the right classes. Nearly all new students at IUPUI (freshmen and transfer) take one or more placement tests. All tests are completed online.

Make sure to complete your placement tests at least 48 hours prior to your academic advising appointment. Your results will help you and your advisor make the best decisions about which classes you should take.

A few things first

Decided to change your major? Join the club. Nationwide, on average 30 percent of students change their major in college. If you’ve decided to change your major since applying, please let us know, as this will affect which placement tests you need to complete.

Do you know which tests to take? The placement tests you’ll need to take depend on a variety of factors, such as your major, your high school course work, and other test scores. Complete the placement test survey to determine which tests you’ll need to take. Once you’ve completed the survey your results will be emailed.

Take your placement tests

Information about accessing and taking all IUPUI placement tests is hosted by the IUPUI Testing Center. Use the link below to visit their website and begin your tests.

Estimated time: 1–4 hours depending on number of tests

Still have questions? Contact us by calling 317-274-4240 or email welcome@iupui.edu and we can help you.

Access the placement tests

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